Thursday 7 April 2011

Bikini Decission Taken

I got the following feedback from my bikini poll

Dark green velvet:
  • 2 'possible maybe, don't know, can't really tell'
  • 1 'definitely not'

Black velvet:
  • 1 definitely, plain
  • 1 definitely, sparkly
Since the sparkly supporter is paying and I like sparkly, too, I will go for black velvet with sparkles!
And I will order a bottle of fake tan for practice... ojojojoj... black and orange with sparkles ... what a sight that must be!

All that is missing then is the posing routine... unfortunately can't buy that...

Monday 4 April 2011

Bikini Decission Needed

Time is flying and I need to order my bikini. There are not too many options, and since I might only be doing this once I wasn't keen on paying too much money. To my delight 'Fit for U Bikinis' has a standard model on offer which cost only 40 quid. And then the sizing page didn't work.

Finding myself in a mode of desperation by now, I decided to write an email and pointing out the fault... and... oh well, as I am on it... I might want to ask for the cost of a bikini with a bit of a sparkle as well. Turns out that it is affordable and really rather pretty.

pix courtesy to Tracey, Fit for U Bikinis
without deco - pretty

... and with deco
- very pretty -

It makes quite a difference. With the sparkle it feels more like a stage costume rather than a bikini, but that might just be me.

So, Dears!

It is decided that this woman is going to get herself some crystals for the show. It is a once in a lifetime event after all, lets just have it with a nice, big Bang! 

Now the question of colour arises. I instantly fell in love with the blue pictures Tracy sent me. So vibrant and elegant. But I have to be reasonable - blue is the colour that suits me least. On the other hand I will be fake tanned like hell, so skin tone will not make any difference.

One should not forget however, that I own a head full of rather fiercly red hair which might go well with  green velvet. Unfortunately on the screen, the sample colour of the website looks rather dark, and green in general is not a vibrant colour unless it is of the 'swimming pool lining' variety.

I am confused!

I am herewith summoning my supporters for advice. Shall I use velvet or some other material? Which colour is best? Tell me, tell me... !

Now I have to go and measure myself .

Ta ta!