Monday 26 December 2011

A Challenge of some sort

This time it's not the muscles... it's the head. And what a challenge THAT is!

When I eventually got me degree in computer science I promised myself to never EVER do an exam again. Well, here I am... having enrolled into personal trainer school and chickening out whenever I can. So far I can claim that I learned the practical side of it by volunteering in the gym... and I did learn an awful lot, but now I really have to sit down and hammer weird names of bones and muscles into my head. I have to do two courses, a quarter of a year each, and one quarter already has passed... ouch!

It's a weird thing that in the mornings I am determined to get everything done by end March and in the evenings I am never quite sure as another day has passed without feeling successful... Maybe I should not talk so much about my plans as Derek Sivers in his  TED talk suggests. 

Determination and guts is not the only thing needed, a bit of brain would be nice, too. I never was good in learning stuff by heart, but man: having an old brain sucks! There are quite a many books about how to utilise your brain better to learn more efficiently like Tony Buzan's mind mapping... Crux is: I don't have enough time left to learn how to learn... It would be nice to get the exam done before I fall into complete senile dementia and the subject being personal trainer kind of implies the availability of some sort of physical capability, too.

So darlings,  would you please again cross your fingers for me and wish me luck for the new year. I might go a bit silent on Facebook and the blogs, but I surely will read and appreciate your messages. 

Thanks a bunch and always yours