Friday 6 January 2012

One of those things...

I really need to get cracking on this personal training thing. It is all nice and well to be able to get to the exams with a flexible schedule, but that means one has to find the determination within.

During the past 3 month I had the opportunity to part time volunteer in a gym and I learned an awful lot, although it raised a lot of questions as well.

What do I want to achieve with a client? Should I give the clients what they want, although I know it will make them fail in the long run? How much of the success lies in ‘the trainer being an appointment that needs keeping’ rather then the trainer itself? How much of the teaching should go into ‘help them finding the determination within’ as opposed to pure training technique.

Especially at the start of the New Year I read it a lot on facebook: ‘I had my first personal trainer session, it was fantastic; I almost threw up!’ Powering out gives instant gratification but this training style can’t usually be maintained for good.

For how long will one be able and willing to pay for a trainer and hence for the appointment in the calendar. A holiday usually is an all too welcome excuse for a break, and after the appointments slip. By then one has had a bit of success and the ‘urge to do something’ is gone. From then on it goes downhill until next year.

Maybe my idea of training people in a way that they learn how to get themselves out of a dip is a bit naive, and it sort of renders my job ad absurdum, as those people won’t come back next year to pay me. Future will tell if I can make a business that way. For now I have to get the stupid exams out of the way... could do with a bit of personal training for that!