Life could be so easy, couldn't it? Just eat, drink, sleep, work - that's it! But no! This easy life doesn't work for me - I just simply get fat, and with fat comes moody, and with moody comes... ah... never ending story, if you want to know about that then rather browse my Incredible Ladies Project.

Here I want to document the crazy moments when I take decisions which complicate the hell out of my life. Like me taking part in a bodybuilding championship. The idea was to  get that into the calendar before I hit the big 5-0 in June 2011. Well, for one year I had all sorts of issues with it, but I did it!

Then I briefly considered the National BB competition in November 2011, but I now decided to rather focus on sitting on a school bench again and to become a personal trainer, meaning that my old brain will have to stretch a bit. And once that is done I will set up my own business. I seem to like things complicated as the plan for the business has grown into something really rather big.

Why? Why oh why do I do that?

Oh well, firstly because I seem to suffer of a certain arrogance, hubris and just simple plain madness, but secondly because my 'own business' is my dream since forever. I somehow have this idea that I only can do the things I really want to do, by doing it my way. So big business, in my book means, big influence. And with influence I can do proper charity work.

And those are my other two projects:
  • Keep raising money for my favourite charity, Orangutan Land Trust, and
  • setting up my own charity for 'small community projects worldwide', like the language school in Tangkahan, Sumatra, or sports projects for people with special needs.

Now I will have to wreck my brain with names of bones and legal stuff and in the meantime I have to stay fit and trim myself as this is the capital I am banking on for finding clients.

Wish me luck, Dears! Wish me luck!