Saturday 31 July 2010

Yay! This was a good week :o))

After all that moaning and groaning of the past weeks I eventually can report that the last week was a good one.

At first I was unsure because I just couldn't get some powerwalking in, but when I mounted on the scale this morning it was:

65 kg!

This is almost a kg down and that despite the ice cream binge last month. I am pleased!

Training went well, and today I deadlifted 85kg which is 20kg! more than I weigh and 5 kg more than last time... and it felt good, and safe and I could do 6 and 5 reps. Utterly pleased with that!

And I eventually am a bit creative as well and wrote another colum. This time on finding focus to eventually being able to not slip into those moody places again.

So now I am looking forward to a good time with holidays (at home and with a lot of training) ahead of me.

Tuesday 27 July 2010

... a quick quickie

... nothing but panic! Had a bad month, hormones all over the place, grumpy, greedy, lazy. Feeling awful!

At least the greed is gone and I can easily live without sweets, still a bit grumpy and tired, and now the date is out! Whenever I think of it I feel like getting the runs. Ordered the entry form yesterday, nevertheless.

... and I may have got an idea what sort of music I would like. The biggest challenge of all, to make an amusical person pose to music with precision.

Bloody hell...

Monday 26 July 2010

Oh my goodness... we have a date!

Just googled the Anglian Bodybuilding Championships and found that the new poster is out!

We are on:
5th June 2011

Panic kicking in!

Tuesday 13 July 2010


I didn't write anything for a while because I wasn't really sure what to tell you. Routine has kicked in now - as I had wished for - and hence nothing really has happened.

A good week ago on a Saturday I woke up and felt... successful. And as it was Saturday, the day when I usually do some measuring I enthusiastically threw myself into the full program: used my scale, used the device at the gym, used the measuring tape, gathered it all together, logged into the blog... and NOT A SINGLE THING HAD CHANGED. How can I feel stronger, leaner, my clothes fit differently and neither the sizes nor the percentages have changed?

Thus disillusioned I felt a cold cropping up on top of it all, still keeping it at bay but I am really rather tired. Fatigue makes me peckish, so apart from the fact that I now fell into a burger and ice-cream addiction there is not a lot to tell. At least I am not getting fatter again.

Well, and I definitely do get bigger. A top that I haven't worn for some time fits all of a sudden quite tightly around the chest, and trousers which used to slip now sit nicely on some growing glutes. It all just goes so slowly... patience is a virtue I do not have, I guess.

I am however proud of myself in regard to gym. I didn't skip a single session however tired I was, and I am working hard and enjoying it. The powerwalking on the treadmill is now incorporated into the Monday training and I am trying to fit in an additional session per week. Skipping the rowing marathon and gaining the time for other stuff was a very good decision.

And I am now starting to build some sort of a scene at my gym. Just asked a guy about his training and got really good info on calf training, resulting in me having to add another exercise. So I will now see to get the leg training on here next. It's summer break soon and the gym will empty, that always works well for shooting movies.

So that's it: Eating too much red meat and sugar, doing good training, and still having to crack the posing. We got a new iPad now and hubby put all the music on there. This is a decent device for playing music around the house and for me to hopefully find something I like.

Nothing much to report really... apparently we have reached the boring part of it all, now that the first excitement has settled.

Sunday 4 July 2010

Shoulder Cable Reverse Fly

... and the last exercise for the shoulders is for the rear head!

Some more information on shoulder training you can find in the Incredible Ladies Sport section.