Friday 27 May 2011

The Last...

Yep, the countdown is on! Today was the last 'chest and back' day, tomorrow will be the last leg day before the competition, and now the focus has completely moved to 'POSING'.

Two days ago it was the first time that I felt I nailed it, didn't forget anything and was pretty well timed to the music.Hubby saw it and was impressed, so 'YAY!'

But still a lot to do. Today my friend Imola saw it for the first time and approved of it... although she mentioned that I do look a bit grumpy... Acknowledged! Although I don't want to smile, I surely don't want to look grumpy.

And I took the video camera for the first time. I have to see myself from the back, and I have to practice different directions of the room. That is so weird, as soon as I am turning round I keep forgetting my routine. It now is essential that I learn and feel it from my point on stage and not from what I see in the mirror and the context of the room. Due to lack of trainer, I have a hunch that the camera will be my best friend during the next week.

Here is my first video. It was meant to happen a bit differently, though. I had brought a bikini and decided to set up the camera first before changing. By the time that was done I was so knackered that I couldn't get the routine straight anymore.


The footage is good enough, though, to see where all the major flaws are. There is definitely attitude and confidence missing; because I am usually controlling myself in the mirror I am not always posing into the optimal direction because I am trying to get a good look rather then to feel (especially on the triceps, which is one of my best muscles); some arm and hand positions are not well aligned; I have to calm it down, there is too much wiggling going on, and legs definitely need work but I will focus on those when I will have footage in a bikini.

Oh my, one week to go. But as I said before, a week ago I could hardly remember the moves, and now I at least know how to train. Wish me luck!

PS: I am doing this challenge as a fund raiser for my favourite charity Orangutan Land Trust. Please consider sponsoring me for 1 year of hard work, sweat and worries - well, and maybe for seeing me on stage in a bikini with horrible sticky fake tan and oil, trying to remember my routine. And here is a currency converter for all my non-UK friends  ;o)

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Less than 3 weeks now!

Oh it's so weird! Eventually I dared measuring myself after realising that my weight had gone down by a good kilo. Well, I seem to have got leaner, except the darn ankles. I actually lost around the biceps although it looks bigger now. All very confusing - I think I will just stop measuring.

At least I did the photo test for the fake tan. Don't laugh please! My nose looks like a sad dog nose. Never put fake tan on in artificial light, and never rush it. I am expecting to get more pictures, but for now those two have to do.

Since we took them the legs actually got a bit leaner... oh well! I was such a harsh critic of others... I will have to take quite a big dose of my own medicine.

The pics are deliberately taken from below as this is where the people will be - oh my!

The difference is actually amazing, now I have to work on hair and makeup

Still working on the posing routine... can't memorise the darn thing to safe my life... So not at a stage to tape it yet, but practicing every day now. Hoping to have something by the weekend...hopefully... cross fingers... break a leg... somebody has a penny and a four leaf clover...?

Gotta go practice now!
Ta ta

Monday 2 May 2011

Oh... My... Goodness!

Firstly a 'Hello' to everybody! I am hoping that you all had a good Easter and spring break. At least England had a lot of free days thanks to the royal wedding. It is back to work now and thus I am duly sitting at my computer reporting the latest developments. So this is where we are at less than 5 weeks to go:

Training: Not as good as I had hoped. Due to dodgy knees and a bad cold the bottom bit is still lacking development. Well, and then I have to admit that I got weak. When I realised that I wouldn't get into the shape that I had hoped for, I let the nutrition part of things slack as well during the holidays.We were out and about every day, shopping, meeting people, and I find it hard to keep up the regime at the best of times, with a dispirited mind the cakes and paninis at Cafe Neros were just too tempting. So now it's back to the gym with a huff and a puff. Let's see what can still be achieved in 5 weeks!

Bikini: Yay! Reconsidered from black to emerald green crushed velvet after I saw the fabric samples which Tracey of Fit for U Bikinis sent me. We are now discussing design of the crystals and I still have to send her the measurements, but I am well on my way.

Tan: That is one part which caused the title of this blog. I ordered tan, glaze (to make it all shiny) and bikini glue from Tracey, and with a bit of luck I will have photo shoot this week to try it out. This stuff is seriously scary! ... and you read correctly: Bikini glue. While in 'Miss Congeniality' Michael Caine was allowed to spray Sandra Bullock's buttocks with hairspray to stop the bikini from riding up, I will be using a much more professional remedy. Cross fingers it works!

Posing routine: This is the other title reference. The music I chose is very dramatic and worthy an Arnold Schwarzenegger, while I am only a rather tiny lady... oh well. I am going to use the theme of '2001: A Space Odyssey' (trailer from approx. 2:08), I have mapped poses to it and now I have to learn it... It's still all over the place, but today I did the first proper session to memorise the movements - will hopefully post photos/video soon.

Fund raising: Another Yay! I have set up my fundraising page for Orangutan Land Trust. I would very much appreciate if you would sponsor me for my challenge. Some of my photographer friends already confirmed that they will come at take pictures, so there will definitely be pictures of me on stage in this horrible brown colour to prove that I really did it! Or you just come to Great Yarmouth and see for yourself.  The fundraising page is absolutely safe as provided by BT and the page and charity registration there is completely free, so every penny goes to the charity. 

What after...?
I decided  to enroll in courses to become a personal trainer. Yep! I eventually came round to it again. I had considered it about four years ago already, but somehow couldn't see myself begging gym owners to allow me to train my clients at their facilities and giving them up to 50% of my income. I am now planning to just do my own thing. Not sure how that business will look like in detail, but I have a plan! First things first, though: With a bit of luck I can get a place in a school at my home town from September on. Will keep you posted. 

That's it for now. I am wishing you a good work week with a lot of sunshine!
Ta ta