Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Less than 3 weeks now!

Oh it's so weird! Eventually I dared measuring myself after realising that my weight had gone down by a good kilo. Well, I seem to have got leaner, except the darn ankles. I actually lost around the biceps although it looks bigger now. All very confusing - I think I will just stop measuring.

At least I did the photo test for the fake tan. Don't laugh please! My nose looks like a sad dog nose. Never put fake tan on in artificial light, and never rush it. I am expecting to get more pictures, but for now those two have to do.

Since we took them the legs actually got a bit leaner... oh well! I was such a harsh critic of others... I will have to take quite a big dose of my own medicine.

The pics are deliberately taken from below as this is where the people will be - oh my!

The difference is actually amazing, now I have to work on hair and makeup

Still working on the posing routine... can't memorise the darn thing to safe my life... So not at a stage to tape it yet, but practicing every day now. Hoping to have something by the weekend...hopefully... cross fingers... break a leg... somebody has a penny and a four leaf clover...?

Gotta go practice now!
Ta ta

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