Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Diary 14/04/10 - Getting there

Had a great chest training session yesterday night, although I was in the garden for three hours in the afternoon. Really getting the hang of the training now. So:

Training: Going really well, enjoying it, looking forward to gym even if I am tired and still have great sessions. Very happy!

Today is rowing day... ooof, will have to see haw that goes

Weight: Going well as well. Weight 68.3 yesterday, almost a kilo less... what actually can't be pure fat as one cannot save 7000 calories in two days. But whatever it is: It feels good and I certainly am starting to look better. Pants are slipping again :o))

Since it actually is rubbish to just use a scale when training and dieting at the same time I found me two different bodyfat measuring devices. These things are all rather inaccurate, my idea now is to create a spreadsheet with the measurment been taken by using both at the same time. It should at least show trends in each line of measurement and the truth may lie somewhere between the two. Will post the shpreadsheet soon and then update... not sure... probably weekly.

One of theses contraptions is a scale which I have at home. It takes into account whether or not somebody is trained or not, what is nice and I think makes it more accurate, but one has to be stipped. The other one is a handheld thing which the guys in the gym have. Which brings me to my:

Supporters: Yesterday I told the guys in the gym that I am definitely going for it and they got all excited and very supportive. It feels as if I am building a little fan club now. I never have done something like that, but I have supported others in their projects. I was never able to comprehend though, how by just telling them that I appreciate their efforts, I can make a big difference for them. I now understand. Just to see laughing faces, to get a thumbs up at Facebook or a post, is lifting the spirit so much. It feels like a safety net, a cosy and warm place to be - just wonderful! Thank you all!!

And I think the mood in the gym is changing around me. It is a little gym at work and people go there after office hours to get a quick session in. Usually there is not an iron shattering, huff & puff atmosphere. Now I am training harder and this is not always a silent thing. So am I getting more looks, but from the grin in people's faces I can see that the gym guys had started spreading the word. We will see, my little gym might become an iron den in the near future.

Still difficult: Time management.
Especially when to eat. Since I am a bit hungry all the time it is essential that I get the feeding in at the best time before training. I am getting better to get that timed on the weight exercises, but I have to experiment a bit more for the rowing.

And I have to plan ahead with the food so much. E.g. I cannot go to a restaurant short notice, I need to know the day before to be able to either put another light training session in, or to save up some calories throughout the day.

Some people say: Oh you can slip one day... you'll catch up the next. Well, thing is that I am very motivated at the moment and stepping back is not helping to keep the momentum going - I know myself all too well. I have been slipping for two month gaining almost a stone... It is so much easier to eat 500 cal on top in one single meal, than to lose them in one day... So I will be persistent until I have lost the fat I wanted to lose!

I still didn't get the ballet session in... this time it was the car that needed service... Hmmm, it doesn't have high priority but I really would like to get started. At least I managed to incorporate a bit of stretching, but not as much as I would like.

The same with the posing. I didn't get round yet to check out that other gym. Hoping to do that this weekend.

Now I am getting really hungry and it's time for my protein shake :o))

Catch you later!


  1. Can't wait to see those drooling faces at the gym. I'm a little bit envious...not being there, that's why.XXX Imola

  2. Yay, my first comment :o))

    Ah, you'll be back soon and then it's 2 of us showing off!