Saturday, 10 April 2010

Diary 10/04/10 - One Week In

So one week ago I took the decision to compete in a bodybuilding championship in 2011 and it is time to have a look what has happened so far.
  • The first assessment is done.
  • I sorted my diet for now, which is basically sticking with the food that I know the calories of, having my protein shakes regularly (once in the morning and on training days in the evening as well), and
  • I am training regularly and hard

I had picked up the training a week before already and I can tell that it is kicking in. The muscles feel denser and more in control when lifting. Additionally I am not getting muscle aches anymore. I had a great leg/ABS/shoulder workout yesterday and I feel a bit tender today, but no aches.

Well and the reduced calories show as well - I try to stick with 1800 per day. The tummy is not bulging anymore and the pants are not as tight. I know, that part of it is water that has gone and which might to a degree come back, but it feels great nevertheless.

The biggest change though, is the lack of hunger.

The first two days I had about half of my calories by 11AM already - well, I am getting up at six, but that is no real excuse, because today I only had a protein shake and a cappuccino (worth 300 cals) then went food shopping, had breakfast at 10:30 with another 400 cals (not even being that hungry) and now I don't expect to become hungry again before 1PM.

I have to say: That saves a lot of money as well.

So far: 1st week is a full success!

60 more to go...

More info on training: Shoulders, Legs

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