Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I didn't write anything for a while because I wasn't really sure what to tell you. Routine has kicked in now - as I had wished for - and hence nothing really has happened.

A good week ago on a Saturday I woke up and felt... successful. And as it was Saturday, the day when I usually do some measuring I enthusiastically threw myself into the full program: used my scale, used the device at the gym, used the measuring tape, gathered it all together, logged into the blog... and NOT A SINGLE THING HAD CHANGED. How can I feel stronger, leaner, my clothes fit differently and neither the sizes nor the percentages have changed?

Thus disillusioned I felt a cold cropping up on top of it all, still keeping it at bay but I am really rather tired. Fatigue makes me peckish, so apart from the fact that I now fell into a burger and ice-cream addiction there is not a lot to tell. At least I am not getting fatter again.

Well, and I definitely do get bigger. A top that I haven't worn for some time fits all of a sudden quite tightly around the chest, and trousers which used to slip now sit nicely on some growing glutes. It all just goes so slowly... patience is a virtue I do not have, I guess.

I am however proud of myself in regard to gym. I didn't skip a single session however tired I was, and I am working hard and enjoying it. The powerwalking on the treadmill is now incorporated into the Monday training and I am trying to fit in an additional session per week. Skipping the rowing marathon and gaining the time for other stuff was a very good decision.

And I am now starting to build some sort of a scene at my gym. Just asked a guy about his training and got really good info on calf training, resulting in me having to add another exercise. So I will now see to get the leg training on here next. It's summer break soon and the gym will empty, that always works well for shooting movies.

So that's it: Eating too much red meat and sugar, doing good training, and still having to crack the posing. We got a new iPad now and hubby put all the music on there. This is a decent device for playing music around the house and for me to hopefully find something I like.

Nothing much to report really... apparently we have reached the boring part of it all, now that the first excitement has settled.

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