Saturday, 31 July 2010

Yay! This was a good week :o))

After all that moaning and groaning of the past weeks I eventually can report that the last week was a good one.

At first I was unsure because I just couldn't get some powerwalking in, but when I mounted on the scale this morning it was:

65 kg!

This is almost a kg down and that despite the ice cream binge last month. I am pleased!

Training went well, and today I deadlifted 85kg which is 20kg! more than I weigh and 5 kg more than last time... and it felt good, and safe and I could do 6 and 5 reps. Utterly pleased with that!

And I eventually am a bit creative as well and wrote another colum. This time on finding focus to eventually being able to not slip into those moody places again.

So now I am looking forward to a good time with holidays (at home and with a lot of training) ahead of me.

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