Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Holiday's Over

The holidays are over, back to normal now. Well, it's only 6 hours 15 minutes in and I am not feeling entirely back. Got up at 5:40 and now waiting for the cappuccino to kick in.

This hols showed me that there is a need to consolidate lives: There is still my normal daily life with work, household, friends, going out and hobbies, and separate from that there is my bodybuilding life. The task of the next couple of month will be to bring those two together. The other things have to bend to the bodybuilding regime, otherwise I won't be successful.

It is a bit easier here in England because my friends support the bodybuilding stuff. Back in Germany I got so many raised fingers: "But not too much, girl!" I didn't even get to telling my family that I want to compete. That really brought the mood levels down. I had been quite excited to meet them and to collect my praise... silly! Still making myself dependent on the opinion of others and let them bring me down. But I guess a lot of you might know this feeling with family...

Then I had a lot of dust biting in bringing my house up to scratch. There is not a single shelf I didn't touch. Meaning the house is clean and I have the dust sniffles. There was a bit of cold at the beginning but now it definitely is allergies. In a nutshell: Holidays was not really relaxing, still feeling a bit under the weather, but it was very successful in a way that I have peace of mind with the house work now, and it was very unsuccessful in terms of training, indeed. Hence there is a lot to learn from this break!

At least I had a good session on Saturday and when going out with friends for dinner on Sunday, I did well with the food. So it seems that I am getting back on track, and am looking forward to having my routine back.

Today is shoulder, abs, arms day and we will see how that goes. I am thinking a lot about how to fine tune my training, still shifting the exercises a bit, but I'm almost there. I guess by end of September I will know if it is all working well and nailing it down in order to be prepared for the Christmas season with all its temptations.

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