Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Oh that’s not good, is it?

I am starting to believe that holidays are overrated; at least what certain projects are concerned.

Thing is that I am not doing my thing at the moment. Eventually I have been travelling for a long weekend, to which I have been looking forward, and brought me as a gift a lot of clothes and a cold. The clothes are really lovely the cold really goes on my nerves. Airplanes, air-cons, shopping malls, ... all things to catch such a bugger and it is dragging on since more than a week now.

Next thing is meeting people. During holidays one has to catch up with all the social meetings which have been neglected before. Not that I wouldn’t like to see all those people, it’s just that the only occupation while seeing them is eating – a lot! I guess I tripled the calorie intake during those three days making it a weeks worth of food.

Admittedly I could have cut short on what was on offer, but there were a few things which I had promised myself due to the fact that I was in Germany, like the cakes, and in restaurants the portions are just so big. I already have become better in leaving leftovers, but I am far from what is needed and for me that always will be a challenge in itself.

Additionally the people I have been meeting are not interested in my project, some even oppose to it. So the thing that I enjoy, that is on my mind continuously, and that I am proud of, I had to hide away or play down.

And you know what? After a short while one is starting to believe what one is telling those people. It really brings the motivation levels down. The first training after I came back went badly, so I had hoped to meet my friend in the gym on Saturday; this usually lifts me up. Although the cold showed first signs, a light training and a bit of motivation would have done me good. But due to holiday we went to London on Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lovely day, any other day than Saturday however, would have been better. I didn’t feel like bringing the training forward and hence planned for catching up on Monday, but didn’t feel like it either, when the day came, and today – Tuesday – I went down with heavy sneezing entirely.

I have not been more demoralised in a long time and am now looking forward to my work routine. Please cross fingers for me that things will fall back into place from next Monday on!

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