Tuesday, 1 February 2011

So disappointed!

I know, I know, I know! I preached it myself: Do not rely on scales and measurements, yeah, yeah...

It's all true, I shouldn't! But with the competition only 17 weeks ago I am getting kinda nervous, and it would be oh so wonderful if there were just anything confirming that I am getting somewhere. My most recent measurements however told me that I am not!

Well, I had a bit of a rough spot before and around Christmas, but I had hoped that I would be at least back to the stage where I was at my leanest, at least according to those darn measurements. I actually felt quite good before I stood on this darn scale. I know that my legs are getting stronger and the gluts are kicking in a bit as well. I am working hard to get the shoulder mass back and most importantly:

Gym is fun again, and
food is not a real problem!

So here's to my new training plan - 4 splits, and training mostly in the mornings... if that doesn't work!?! And since 1st January, 00:01, I did not have sugary food, white bread or alcohol. I can see the fat falling off me, and I am not missing anything. It's just that I had hoped to get a bit further. Well, I have done that math before: 1kg fat = 7000 cals = 3 weeks if saved about 300cals per day. 17 weeks left = a bit short of a stone. There I am, rather perfect actually!

Now I have to focus on finding a bikini and learning a bit more about the tanning stuff. I don't want to be too shiny. Oh well, and then there is this tiny matter of posing. I actually found a quite interesting site for the compulsory poses. It's all male stuff, but I tried a few things and figured that I actually look better in those rather then trying to make it look more female. I can't deny the fact that I have short legs, so no point in desperately looking elegant, not happening anyway.

So that's all I have for now: At least I gave myself a little boost. And I am telling you: Stay away from the scales... they are evil!