Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Food things

Three and a half weeks without alcohol, sugar and white bread: I am feeling very smug. And I actually can be, I can see the fat peeling off. I definitely am back to the best phase that I had before Christmas.

So it actually only is starting now. And there is the first hicki: I am getting a bit bored with my food! Because I wanted to get back to my starting point quickly I stayed with the foods of which I know the calories and then tried to balance around 1800 cals. It worked perfectly fine, but it means:
  • my own bread - which is nice as it has a lot of nuts and seeds, 
  • mince meat loaf, 
  • eggs, and 
  • bananas, 
  • topped up with the occasional voluptuous lettuce, the pasta version
  • Well, and the infamous protein shakes

That's it!

It is a good diet, it has everything I need, but a bit boring so I have been browsing through my recipes and found the Weird Cheesecake, a brilliant protein bomb and simple to make. No idea why I forgot about it. So that is my new favourite for now.

Now I am looking forward to Saturday. The day of truth: 4 weeks in and measurements are to be taken.

Until then: Happy lifting!

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