Tuesday 21 February 2012

Flesh to The Bone

Ok: I am sitting here with a head like a tomato, blisters on fingers and feet and wonder what I let myself into. It was the second race day with my friend Kash who is training for the London Marathon. At least so far I am winning, but I am not sure if that is a good thing. I now at least understand why 3 month of a strict training plan is recommended. The body not just needs time to get cardio fitness meaning the heart being able to pump the blood efficiently enough to sustain the challenge, no, it also needs to build the muscle tissue needed to survive the repetitions of the move. We did 8 miles, 13 k today and from 9 k on, I just didn't feel my legs anymore, the rear was in constant pain, and my spine had shrivelled to half it's original length. If it wouldn't have been for poor Kash running out there in the darkness I would have thrown the towel right there and then. So in a way it was a matter of putting my mind to it, but I could feel that those 13k were pretty much the limit.

Hence, given that the boy is 10 weeks ahead of the training plan I definitely will not join him in the long run this weekend. I decided to do half of it... which is another 13k... and if I can keep that time I can be proud of myself. 

Actually, rowing and running get compared quite often and is said as needing similar effort... I can't quite believe that given the result of the races. Anybody out there doing both and being able to compare?
However, stay tuned into the race list.


  1. Good Job Rika! Well Marathon running does take a toll on one's body if there isn't an increase and tapering distance schedule with planned rest days mixed with cross training to give the endurance. 3 months for full marathon i my opinion perfect training period - not too long and not too short. 8 miles is wat i do on treadmill couple of times a week in roughly 50 mins, mainly to burn fat :P but running outside is more fun n not as monotonous.
    As for ur rowing n running comparison question.. personally i feel they are two different scripts! with diff energy levels - both are cardio and whole body workouts but i am happy using my upper body strength while rowing. With running upper body movements are limited largely to maintaining balance and lower body is pushed to its max! Just my view :)

  2. Thanks Rekha, good points! Wow, 8 miles in 50 minutes - THAT is impressive!

    I love rowing while I dearly hate running, but I am missing the outdoors. Already thinking about taking the rower into the garden :o)