Saturday 3 March 2012

Wow, what a week

The previous week I had to just take it easy, I felt quite a bit beaten by the first two runs, so I chickened out while Kash had a bit of a mishap, too. With stitches after 5 miles on the long run day he decided on Thursday to swap things round and to do the long run at the weekend. So he did and then wanted to stay on track doing short run on Monday again... and that was a bit too much for the knees. So he took the rest of the week off.

I am hoping that the resting is doing him as good as it did me. This Tuesday I did a rowing  'HALFMARATHON', I can hardly believe it! It was for Sport Relief and I was a bit inspired by others doing similar things, but I only had planned for 12K and then one thing led to another and ended up with 22k.

I have done one half marathon before, some 4 years back, and I felt really down for a good week. This time I feel completely fit and happy and did a 10 mile bike ride through the forest on mountain bike on Friday. So I am a happy bunny although our score board looks a bit patchy.

Now I will have a couple of days of rest again I am hoping that I can catch up with Kash next week. Wish us luck for knees and other vulnerable body parts...

And we got a third member into the team with a challenge on her own. Mai wants to improve her English and whenever we run or row she will sit down and read a number of pages in English.

If you would like to join with a challenge of your own just let me know, or what about building your own 'Challenge Club'?

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