Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Yesterday was the dreaded Monday session for which I had to dash into town right after work to train at the 'big boys' gym and then having ballet lessons after.

The training was not too bad, I however did the same training in my usual gym the week before and it was much more efficient. The more I looked around at oaks I have to say that although most of the equipment is very functional, it is outdated as well. They only rarely use cable machines and hence they are the old, not height adjustable ones. Additionally the dumbbells are all on the heavy side, hence I had to adjust some exercises. The weight labels are half scratched off or non existant, so one has to do a good guess what weight one is using.

Given that I have to pay £3 for the training and £4 for the parking, on top of the time I have to invest I decided to not go there regularly.

And! I felt darn confident!

During the first session two weeks ago I felt like having been shifted to the bottom of the class, but yesterday, with a bit of fat lost and muscles gained... yes, I will take photos soon! ... I found myself actually really rather gorgeous looking. I now feel that I can do this without a 'scene' close by. I eventually found a good posing site on the internet and just will take it from there. The guys at Oaks only knew about male posing anyway and I don't think there are more women in Ipswich preparing for competition.

So let's see what an independant gal can do!

Regarding ballet: It always was annoying that admission works on fist come first serve basis. Class is at 6 PM, booking opens at 5 PM and by 5:30 it may already be booked out. There is no point of driving to town and then not getting into the class. So when I went before I made sure to arrive bang 5, book myself in and then read. It's not even close enough to town centre to run some errands. So I am wasting an hour of my time waiting for class to start.

I know that ballet would be beneficial for the ol' bones, but it is a bit like eating seaweed - it's healthy but I hate it, hence I'm not eating it. So I decided to skip ballet for now and do the posing training instead.

That bit out of the way I am now looking forward to the rest of the week!

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