Saturday, 15 May 2010

Diary 14/05/10 - It's kicking in!

Today for the first time I had measurements which showed a trend into the right direction. All still very subtle, but at least something. I did need some reassurance!

I desperately needed some trousers and went shopping yesterday. I was shocked to find that I need size 14 very stretchy ones to fit the legs in. I actually had thought that I had become quite a bit leaner, but thanks to the measures I can tell that I must have grown some muscles.

I am just so amazed. I am only doing this since 6 weeks, I didn't think that it would work so well. I am feeling stronger in most of the exercises, though. Raised the deadlifts to 75kg today and felt really good. That takes away a bit of the anger regarding the pant size, but raises the question where I will find something to wear in the future...

Another thrilling aspect is that I have to start being more careful with my food. Until today I just reduced my normal diet to amounts around 1800 cal per day in order to reduce fat. And usually I don't eat before I go to the morning gym sessions. Today however I was so hungry that I had a cheese bread and a banana and still was hungry throughout the session. Especially with leg exercises that takes a bit of the oomph away.

I will still try to stay on a bit less than 2000 cal per day but only as long as it doesn't affect the training. I am hoping anyway that I will burn off a bit of fat with my rowing sessions. Last week I rowed twice for 5k... that's not massive but it's a start.

Please cross fingers I will make it through a proper training week according to schedule next week. Last Monday a migraine killed my efforts. I am getting almost geeky about eating and drinking enough fluids now and even my sleeping routine is getting adjusted... hence me finishing this now as it is almost 10PM already and tomorrow at 8 AM it's walking and rowing on the agenda.

Sorry for this being a rather dry report. So far there wasn't anything yet to take photos of, and the gym is still too busy to film the exercises. This will have to wait to the summer break.
Night night now. This lady needs her beauty sleep!


  1. i have to complain that measurements table has not been updated with the new ones :-D
    hugs by your first italian fan :-P

  2. Oh sorry, I've put the wrong date. Wishful thinking that we would still be in April. It actually were the new measurements of 15th May. Changed that now.

    But it's an awfully slow process, isn't it?