Wednesday, 12 May 2010

... and another quickie

Still not entirely on track, but getting there slowly.

After the big dinner party which went well and was great fun, I broke down a bit during the weekend and by Sunday a proper migrane had developed. I nevertheless did the Sunday walking and the rowing (5k), but had to skip the gym and ballet on Monday.

Those were the things I was so keen to do. It's always a bit tricky to get the hang of a new gym and I wanted to get it done and over with, the more that due to the new split I hadn't done arms and shoulders in a while.

So! Me, good girl, at least went to my usual gym yesterday (Tuesday) and caught up on the training. Turns out that the new split is a great idea. I came to re-arrange my training only because I wanted to go to the other gym for one session a week, and now it shows that it is very benefitial for the training as well.

I used to do arm after chest and back and it seems that those exercises tired the arms more than I thought. My arm training yesterday was much better. The same for shoulders. After having done legs I usually was too tired to put real effort into them. Yesterday I did more exercises to catch those little buggers from every angle and it feels really good.

So this is all very promising!

Additionally I keep losing fat. Yesterday hubby said that especially during the past two weeks my shape has shifted quite a bit. I was so concerned because my pants are still too tight, but it seems that the training is kicking in and my approach of 'slow motion training' is much more efficient than I thought.

Hence I am very hopeful for the future and am now starting to prepare for a photoshoot with a friend... hair and make-up need to be tackled!

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