Sunday, 13 June 2010

Diary 13/06/10 - A week off

I took a week off and I think it did me some good. Too much was going on, with the trip to Great Yarmouth last Sunday, my photoshoot on Wednesday, B-day and resulting trip for shopping on Saturday... So I thought: Well, instead of training half heartedly, give yourself a rest with prospect of training even better the week after and really enjoying the stuff that was on this week.

Great Yarmouth was fantastic and I will cover it in a separate blog post, and the photo shoot was... Wow! One of the pix is 'picture of the week' on IL this week, and a few B&W experiments came out quite nicely. Well I posted them here, you probably would want to make up your own mind, let me know what you think!

Those photo shoots are just great to help seeing instantly what is already in place and where work still needs to be done.

Obviously there is still fat to be lost, but there is no point of going too far straight away when there is still a year to go. The back is not too bad, but it becomes obvious that the rear head of the shoulders still needs some development, and it wouldn't hurt to get some development on the middle head as well.

Arms are still a bit chubby, so a bit of mass to compensate for the volume when the fat goes would be nice as well.

I quite like the proportions, though. Volume wise I think I am not too far off, I just need to replace the soft stuff with the hard one.

Having said that: I am now very inspired to go back into the gym. One week of holiday is long enough, the more that those occasions go along with all sorts of the wrong food as well. All I want now is to fall back into my routine, and being able to enjoy the gym.

Great Yarmouth was a wonderful inspiration for the posing training, so off I go into the next phase!


Pictures by Babul Bhatt

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