Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Just a quickie - Something 65...

Yippie, this morning I have seen a '5' coming after the '6' on my scale. It is 65.9 kg but still, it is showing. That makes a loss of 2.5 kg in two and a half month and given that I am aiming for a kilo loss per month that is bang on target.

Then I am going to have another photo shoot next week with a new photographer, weather permitting as it is an outdoor shoot, and I am just about to arrange for another one with ChrisW in three month time.

Weather is good, so I will be working a bit more on my tan, and training is fun and kicking in.


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  2. Wow...I admire your tenacity and focus. I too have alot of back pain (car accident) and have been trying to find a "routine" that will "fit" me. All your thoughts and comments have been very positive, and it gives me incentive to keep going! You are starting to inspire me!! Keep it

  3. Keep it UP! Is is supposed to say...Keep it up!

    Sheesh....need more coffeeeeeeeeeeeee :)