Monday, 17 January 2011

Best workouts happen in the brain

What a wonderful mooorning... what a beautiful daaahahaay! This is me trying to sing...

I am a happy bunny because I eventually turned a corner. When I was in the gym I had a floating moment... which actually shouldn't happen there..., but this time I started thinking about my workout schedule and realised that I am still attached to other people instead of doing my thing. I had fixed my gym times but very much in accordance to constraints which were not mine.

I like to work out in the mornings but that is when I go to work, I do not like to work out in the evenings, but that is when my training partner goes. In this case partner is husband and we are not training together to focus on my goal but to do something together. Sorry hubby, for the next four and a half month we will have to find something else. Training wise I am out. If I need a spotter, I will find one.

And work: I am working flexible hours anyway. I can work out in the mornings and work in the afternoons and even the evenings.

During this gym session I decided that nothing is more important than my training and until the competition I will train in the mornings. If people want to join me: Fine! If not: Fine, too!

Be prepared for regular updates now. ASN, the guys organising the competition have started sending out newsletters with info about Protein intake, fat loss, and so on. Should you be interested, have a look at their website and sign up for the newsletters. I now will work my way through those and I will make myself a plan for those good 4 month.

Happy lifting!

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